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The Things We Love

We love it all! Forever Bored Acres raises and enjoys goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits.


Nigerian Dwarf Goats

So much love. Our beauties do not disappoint. Spoiling us each day with so much love, affection and MILK! Have you ever been told Goats milk tastes awful or tried in the store and felt it was not for you. So did we until we tried our lovely ladies fresh milk for the first time. Now we drink nothing else, soooo good.

Chickens, Chickens, Chickens

Who would have thought? A small bout of boredom, turned into one year of research and then taking the plunge. First time chicken owner and I could not be happier with these birds. They are my everything. I have big ones, small ones, fluffy ones, silky ones, frizzy ones too.

Eggs in Every Color

Why it all started. The eggs.
We love eggs and it all began when we realized we could get fresh eggs and have pet chickens too. What we learned? So many colors and sizes to choose from. Eggs are not all just white and tan brown. There are pink, blue, green and more available in the teeniest of sizes or even extra large. They all taste the same but are so much more fun.

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